An equipment financing agreement may be the best option for business purchases

When a business has to buy the necessary equipment, it often has two options: rent the equipment and pay rent without purchasing the equipment, or it could take a risk and get a loan to buy the equipment directly. Today, however, there is a third option that has more advantages than many business owners would […]

Equipment Financing: Blind Date or Office Application?

Applying for equipment financing or a working capital loan should not be like going blindly, where you just tell the other the best things about yourself and miss the less stellar parts. The analogy of the application process should be more like applying for a public office, where everything hidden in these cabinets comes out. […]

Amish Money Secrets by Laurel Cracker – Review of Personal Finance Books – Barter and Gifts

Challenging economic times inspire people to make sound financial decisions. Whether it’s choosing to repair a vehicle instead of buying a new one, or investing in simple pleasures in exchange for lavish outings, such behavior is growing. One culture that has always lived strictly but at the same time meaningfully is the Amish. Increasingly, people […]

The recommendation for trading in financial advice

Popular search engines are excellent examples with over 75% annual revenue five decades ago. After researching the history, strategy, activities and achievements of APICORP and valuable industry research, you will find useful information on ways to reduce risks when you are in global trading. It is possible, even during intervals of low oil prices and […]